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Is It Just Me? - mailbail
Is It Just Me?

I have this sudden urge now, to randomly update my live journal with a rant.

I feel that somethings on the internet should not EVER be EXPOSED to my luscious, and most cared for EYES.  EVER.

But thats impossible, thats what the internet is for.

I have a feeling some of you journalists have heard of Hetalia.  Hmm?  Yes you have?  Splendid.  What catches me about that

Manga/Anime/Crackoftheearthwithwhichbroughtoutthedevilhimself is that no one really needs to hear about it, all it is about is just reliving
history with a bunch of anime characters.  Okay I'm not that brutal, but the overall idea is utter nonsense.

Personifying countries were just never meant to be, much like the invention of the Snuggie tmd (trademarked).  Though it was birlliant, it

 should just stay in the HETALIA REGION, y'know?  People now are making fan-countries.  Let me use an example, Canada.  Inside
Canada are Provinces.  Inside those Provinces hold one person accountable. Someone who thought it would be so cool to suddenly
personify those countries, very much like Hetalia itself. 

This is where it caught me off guard.
One of my friends auditioned to do the voice acting for one of Canada's Provinces, British Columbia.

  I thought it was cool that she decided to do that, but suddenly there came a little baby named FANSERVICE PAIRINGS, that ripped out of
the womb of the personifier and thought it cool to CRUSH DREAMS.   I just don't like the idea of it, I like the idea of a Province, State, Country,

Planet to be made of the three elements.  Not to be personified and turned into human flesh.  I believed that this nonsense needed some
justice.  Thats why I ranted about it.  

If I offended anyone, I hand you a pre-apology.  

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