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Once upon a time... - mailbail
Once upon a time...
The only reason why I babysit my cousins kids, is because I can tell them the most funniest tales on earth.  And they won't know the turth!

Har, I'm the most worst babysitter on earth.

There was a tale, only told from the wisest people on earth.  It began along these lines, " The toilets in your bathroom are not real, not as real as the ones that live below us."
The real toilets had a village, and to light the village everyday they used fire from burned excretes and celefame.  Many of the toilets who lived there were nice, and had no sense of meaning to be rude or mean.  Everymorning they would amke poopey omletes, and lived their happy lives.

The end.

There was this little cage on the beach we went to on Monday that had creatures that had human features on them.  It was very magical and I decided to tell the kids a story.  I sat them down and I pointed at the cage, it looked like thecage was there to put fire in during the late nights.  So I began the story...

Those creatures are the gaurdians of the beach, they wait till night to glow the cage with fire.  Then at the right moment, create an array of shooting stars.  Beautiful as the eyes can see.

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