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Taken - mailbail
Well what a surprise, noticing that I haven't been here on Live Journal in what seems to be a decade [only matter of days].  Just seems to fill up my user-bates.  What really shocks me though, is the film "Taken".  The plot is finominal [spelling incorrection], and the characters are sticky.  I reccommend this film to those who choose to watch something that the facts are true.  That understand what is going on, and what may become of themselves.  Only those who are strong willed [believe that this is MY  opinion, yours varies from what point I am coming from] could take on the challenge of this greatly thrilled film.  I was shaking throughout the motion picture, and baiscially was chilled to the bone.  Hopefully that character can live with what he did, but after seeing his jem.  Well I guess he's fine.  :)

After veiwing the film, my brain started turning. This happens always when I watch a really good film, one that catches all my attention and nerves.  But to get to the point, I'm struck with luck.  We all are, just few are hit by fate and must deal with the challenges ahead of them.

Listen to the song Falling Down created by Oasis.  Good melody.


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