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  Once in a land, not too far.  There lived a child.  They had no parents, no gaurdian to take care of them.  They relied only on selfdependence.  This child was named Analika.  Analika was one of a kind, for they had no gender, no colour of skin and hair, nor did they speak.  

  Analika only sung in ways that one could not understand.  Analika had a status that only the villagers could say about them.  Analika had magic.  Their magic was stronger than any other being on Earth.  One day as Analika was dancing away, a lost man came into their veiw.  He was a tall man, with masculine features.  It had looked like he hadn't shaven in decades, his hair as dark as the oceans floor, and eyes as green as the rain forests.

  He was stumbling along the desert floor that populated Analika's lands.  The man wore only what could be known as clothing, one that only lone rangers wore.  He was wearing a cowboy hat, to keep himself in the shade.  But without warning, he had fallen to the ground and layed on his stomach.  Analika saw this action of warning and pranced to the fainted male.  Analika used their hands in comfort and soothed the man's soul.

  They took him to a nearby spring, where they gave the ill man water.  Soon after he woke Analika hid in the large ferns, They didn't want the man to see Analika.  The man stumbled to his feet and looked around, wondering who or what brought him to the paradise of hope.  He was so tired of standing for that time, he soon gave up and leapt into the spring water.  Drowning himself in cool liquid.  After the man arose from the small spring, he unclothed himself.

  To dry his fabrics in the hot heat.  The man then layed under a tree, in order to borrow the shade that was given.  The man soon fell under sleep and napped under the safe branches of the welcomed paradise.  But as he did this, Analika was curious, as to how this creature came to it.  Hours passed by as Analika kept a careful eye on the man.  But before they knew it the sun came down and it was dark.  

  Analika thought it would be nice as to cook up a meal for the scruffy man, and so they made a bon fire.  As the cool night air brushed by the man's face, Analika hid again, in the tall ferns.  The man woke from his slumber and found that there was food, supplied to him.  With no pause, he grabbed the food that was displayed and ate till there were no crumbs.  The man was satisfied with his mysterious meal and patted his stomach that was full.  As the man leaned against the tree where shade once were, he noticed the bright eyes of Analika in the brush.  

  He stood up in alarm.  What was watching him?  The man stalked towards the large leafed fern's, Analika stayed still in it's post.  Watching the man steal towards them.  He used his hand to push the leaves out of Analika's way, finding that he
was facing someone.  Or something.  
"What are you looking at?"  The man questioned with an accent.

Analika stood still, laying it's eyes on the feared man.  Then, Analika Brushed their hand against the man's scruffy beard like hairy thing on his face. 

"What is on your face?"  Analika spoke with words like song.

It took the man a while to understand what Analika was speaking.  Then answered with a 'ahem'.

"It's no beard, but it looks like one."  He laughed with amusement.

Analika too, laughed with windchimes in their voice.

The man then slowly crouched to Analika's eye level, and placed his hand on their shoulder.

"What brings a child like yourself here in the downgy desert?"  The man curiously asked.

Analika waited and smiled.

"What is your name?"  Analika ignored the man's question, and placed another request.

The man stood still, blinking in amazement.  No one had ever ignored a question from him since he was just a child himself.

"Uhh, Aiylen.  Aiylen Wonders.  Greatest tracker in all the land."  He cracked a smile and stood up.

"Then how are you lost?" Analika spoke.  

"Now, where is the nearest way to Territ town?"  The man asked eagerly, isgnoring analika's words.  

Analika pointed to the East, which was where Aiylen's destination was.  Aiylen then grabbed his belongings, and lit a torch with the bon fire.  Then headed his way.  As Aiylen was walking his way from the paradise, Analika followed.  The two never spoke, but Analika lead Aiylens way to Territ town.  Once they arrived only a mile from the town Analika stopped, and so did Aiylen.  

"You must head your way, don't stop till you see a large white post.  Then you know your at your des
tination."  Analika smiled then turned back, walking away from Aiylen.  The man stood still and shyly waved to the unknown person.  Wishing they too, farewell on their journey.  For Analika soony turned into the gust of sand in the wind.

But this tale is not over yet.

I have all rights to this story and the characters maintained in it.  If there is any sign that this post is being used, I will report it.  Even though this site is for journal's, I simply use it for writing what I have in mind.  That's what's this site is for, eh?  Thanks for reading.  Comment :)  
Or I'll Find you.

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I just never seem to surprise myself.  Even though that sounds utterly ridiculous, it does.  It was just a normal Wednesday afternoon.  I was held in after school because I applied gum under my chair, and since that was one of the frowned upon things todo in a classroom.  I was punished for it, and so was another girl.  I never met her, she was a student in one of the other classes.  But was caught doing something else.



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 It seemed like there was no point on living.  I had lost my job this morning, my fiance dumped me for an Italian doctor twice her age.  I was evicted from my apartment, because my fiance lied to me tell me that she had been paying the rent for the place for the past couple months.  But no, she was lieing.  She also hid the notice so this would happen to me.  I guess she suddenly hated my guts, or it was the Italian job's idea.  

 My car was stolen yesterday, and I either had to walk to my non-exsistent home.  Or jump off the bridge I was heading too.  My family hadn't known any of this because I haven't kept contact since I moved out at nineteen years old.  Mainly it was because I ran away with my fiance, Stacy.  Knowing that this would be a bad idea, I did it for the risk.  I'm now twenty-six years old now, it's been eight years since the stupid idea had accured.

 I didn't think it was a good idea to reach my parents, they probably were disgraced because of my actions.  And I felt like total crap.  I finally reached Colberton, where the bridge was only an intersection away.  The light turned green, so I was allowed to cross.  I reaches the tall gate bridge, where cars were zooming by.  I felt it was best to go in the middle of the bridge, then no one would notice me or be able to save me anyway.

 I was walking and noticed that the sun was close to setting.  A perfect sky was set to my left, greeting me on my afternoon.  I reached the middle of the bridge, placed my suit case on the ground.  Hopefully a homeless person would take it, and take pity on me.  I wish.  I then climbed the ledge and stood tall, holding my hand out for the steel rope infront of me.

 I heard cars honk behind me, they were too late.  I was already planning on doing this, and know one will stop me.  No one.  I closed my eyes and sighed.  Before I jump, I
opened my eyes and saw that a red scarf flew by my view of the water.  I guess someone lost grip of it and it flew off, there was a strong wind today.

 As I set one foot forward, I lurched backwards and fell to the small sidewalk on the bridge.  Someone had foiled my plan and threw me down.  I looked up and saw an attractive young lady, glaring at me.

"What the hell were you doing!  Were you going to jump off this bridge?"  She spat.  

I stared in astonishment.  She literally saved my life.  I guess god had a reason to keep me here, or I guess whoever this girl was.  Decided that she might be doing good.

"You think your some super hero?"  I blubbered with sarcasim.

She threw her hand in the air, she was wearing black leather gloves, then slapped me hard across the face.  It stung like a bee sting, so I held my face.

"What the fu--"  And before I continued, she knelt down and hugged me.

I could hear sniffles of cries from her.  She was seriously crying.  For a stranger.

"I don't ever, want to see something like that happen around here."  She slurred.

I just simply layed there, with a random person.  Out of nowhere, who decided to save one pathetic man's life.  I guess this was my lucky day.  In a way.

After walking away, the girl decided to take me to a cafe.  Thinking it was good for me to have some coffee/tea to relax myself after what I was about to do.  We were sitting inside the dark, cafe.  In one of the corner tables.  She had a black coffee, and I ordered some bush tea.  Hardly anyone here in the city had bush tea.  

"So why did you decide to jump? " She interrogated.  The girl practically started shooting questions at me, with out even telling me her name.

"Well, there's nothing left for me.  And I just have no more hope anymore."  I sighed.  It was true.  my pathetic self was wasted.

The girl took a sip out of her cup, then looked back at me.  She had nice hazel green eyes, like my younger sister.  She then smiled, noticing that I looked at her eyes.

"What's your name?"  I asked.

The girl laughed out loud, she sounded like wind chimes on a porch. 

"It's Elsbeth, and yours?"

That's weird, she had the same name as her, but last time I saw Els she was seventeen.

"Uh, Neil.  Neil Clesvic."  I recoiled.

Elsbeth gave me a horrified look.  Like she saw a car, and was the deer in the head lights.

"WHAT!"  She shrieked. 

The whole cafe looked at us, and I covered my eyes with my hands.  I officially died, right there.

"NEIL? Where the hell have you been?  It's been eight LONG dam years."  She was sputtering black coffee at me.

"Did you know how long mom has been worried?  Think about Dad!  He hasn't seen his own son in forever!  You seriously blew that one kid!"  She started yelling.  

I told her we should leave the shop, people were leaving and the manager was getting angry.  She thought it best and once we got outside she started arguing.  It took her a while to calm down, which wasn't too easy.  She finally invited me over to her place, which was good since I had nowhere to go.  We arrived at her apartment only four blocks away from the shop.  It was nice, a slender white building that cascaded over a U-turn street.

 How did she get the money for this place.  We got inside and she placed her coat on the couch, I followed suit and did the same.  She sat on one of the chairs and sighed, placing a hand over her forhead.  I stood there, staring at her.

"Sit, please."  She sighed.

I did and clasped my hands over my knees.  Leaning.  Elsbeth then leaned her hand to her stomach and looked at me, with her serious eyes.  Oh how I missed her so. 

"Do you know how much you've missed over these years, Neil?"  She questioned.  I allowed her to continue.

"Alot, Randy got married with that Casandra chick.  Yeah, he's almost twenty-nine.  Casandra's almost due, yes she's pregnant.  Only with their first.  So you haven't missed too much on that part.  Dad retired.  Mom is still at the agency, one of her clients is selling their lake house to them.  It's a real nice place, just that there's going to be some renevationing going on until mom and dad get a contractor, the place is baiscally empty."  She still ahd her eyes on me.

She took a couple more breaths and continued.

"Everyone seriously thought you were dead.  I did.  I was scared, Neil.  I had to do everything on my own, it was terrifying.  I got a job at as an editors assistant.  It washard to get, even in this city.  But I got it, and it's hard work."  She closed her eyes and stood up from her seat.  

She then went into the other room and I heard a door open and close.  Elsbeth came back with sheets and blankets.  She layed them on the couch, and fixed it up.  I guess I was staying over for the night.

"Your staying with me till you get a place, and a job. For now your going stay with your little sister."  She chuckled at the thought of me staying at her place. 

"Thanks, for this."  I smiled and she lightly kicked my knee.

"Don't get used to it, I'm having a party tomorrow, for the baby.  So get ready.  Everyone will be there, and you need every ounce of sleep you'll get."  She grabbed my shoulders and I stood up.

She told me to undress and that we were getting up extra early to decorate.  I did so and snuggled myself into the couch.  I was happy that this ironic insident happened.  The lights turned off and I saw Elsbeth there, leaning on the door frame. She looked different with her short hair.  She smiled.

"That was my scarf, you know?"  She said.

I blinked.  Not knowing what she meant, then I remembered. 

"Ill buy you a new one."  I smiled.

"Good night Trooper."  She saluted.

I haven't been called that for a long time.  I chuckled.  That was outrageous.  Then without another word, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Serenity, Alien, 2001—there is a long list of movies and TV shows that take place in space. Which is your favorite?
My most favorite?  Oh jeez, I forgot the name.  But it had Bruce Willis in it and he was a 'retired' cop who worked as a taxi driver.  But there's another called the Austronaut farmer, great movie.  It's sad but wickedly great.  Oh the Fifth Element :) Aha!  Got it. that's the name of the retired taxi driver movie, teehee.  Well enjoy and watch them if you haven't ;)

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 I was sitting on my chair, in my room looking out the window of my street.  My mom was at work and it was just myself and Neil.  We had nothing better to do but watch Television.  That was boring enough.  I grabbed my coat and headed downstairs.  I saw Neil on the computer, and noticed there were naked ladies on the screen.

 Typical him, looking at porn.  I grabbed my cell phone, and slipped my boots on.  I went back to the door frame of the cavemans room and knocked on the opened door.  

"Hey Trooper, I'm going for a walk.  Wan'na join?"  I asked.

Neil jumped out of his seat and fell on the floor, hitting his large head on the desk.

"What the hell was that for!  Do you want to give me a heart attack?"  Exclaimed my sixteen year old brother.

"No, I want to go for a walk.  Would you like to accompany me?"  I huffed.

Neil stared at me, and I returned the stare.  We had a staring contest, until he blinked.  I laughed in triumph, he was never good at games like this.  He stood up and turned off his computer, grabbed his house key and headed to the foyer.  I followed and waited till he got his coat from the stairs closet and slipped his sneakers on.

"You know, there's a whole bunch of puddles outside from the storm last night?"  I mentioned.

"I know, I won't abruptedly jump in one.  Jeez."  He rolled his eyes and opened the door.  He waited till I walked through, closed the door and locked it.

As we got out of our autumn leaf covered yard, I wondered why it was so quiet.  I looked behind me and saw that Neil knew too, that something was odd.

"You can feel it too?"  He had a serious tone, just like our dad.

 I nodded and looked at my phone.  It was 1:42 in the evening, Randy would be home around 2:56, 3:00 o'clock.  I slipped it back into my coat pocket and held my hand out towards Neil.  He gave me a puzzled look, but took my hand.  We walked down our long quiet street, hand in hand.  Hopeing that time will speed by.

 I looked at the overcast in the sky,  ahead there looked like we were going to have a foggy night.  I wish mom and dad were home now.  Then I would know that they were safe.  I looked up at Neil, he still had a stern expression from when we left the house.  I coughed into my free hand, wishing that I brought a handkercheif.

"Are you alright Els?"  Neil asked.  He looked down on me and squeezed my hand.

"Yeah I'm fine."  I assured.

"Okay then."  Neil passed and looked at his watch.  He turned around and we started walking back.  

 I coughed again into my hand and made sure it was one of those 'ahem' coughs.  It sounded like one, so I carried on.  The fog from behind reached us, we were only a block away from home.  Neil than decided that we should run.  It was still quiet and we both didn't like it.  We reached the house.  

 But then out of know where this car pulls up on our sidewalk.  A man in a black suit got out of the vehicle and pulled a gun towards us.  Neil pushed me back and I hit the ground, and with one quick maneuver the man shot Neil.  He landed on the ground with a thud.  I paniced, my brother layed before me dead on the ground.  I had no idea on what to do, so I followed my instincts and ran to the door.  But before I knew it the man had grabbed my hair and thrown me to the ground.  He held his gun to my face and showed a grin.  Then pulled the trigger. 

I opened my eyes to a jolt.  I quickly scanned where I was and wether or not I was alive.  I leaned up to see better, there was fog everywhere.  Or was it a white room?  I couldn't tell, but I was pushed back down.  I blinked and looked up.  There was Neil, alive and okay.  What was going on?  Neil then made sure I was okay and told me what had happened.  It seemd that I passed out from coughing, I forgot my inhailer.  My weak lungs were unable to breath through the fog and so I was unconcious.  Mom was here and so was Randy.  I heard dad outside, but I couldn't see well.  I guess I was indoors.  Mom came up to me to see my temperature.

"She's okay.  You should of asked if she had it!"  My mom lightly smacked Neil on the arm.  

"Luckily you took that CPR course, or she would have been dead!"  Mom gave Neil another light smack on the head.

"Ouch mom!  I'll try to do that next time..."  He covered his head with his hands, allowing mom to not hit that spot again.

Dad walked inside and told us that the doctor was giving mom and dad another perscription so I may get another, stronger, inhailer.  I was happy that I didn't die, or that my brother got shot.  I was in bed for the rest of the evening.  I ended up watching Television and got sick of it.  At the time I looked at my clock and it said it was 9:56, almost time for Randy and Neil's movie-athon.  I decided to scoop into Randy's room to see what they were doing.

 I saw that Randy's room was empty, that didn't seem right.  He had the Television so they should be watching the movies here.  I decided to go into Neil's room.  the door was closed, so I knocked on it.  I heard a mumble of approval, and I walked in.  There was Neil on his bed, reading on of his silly action packed comic books.  I closed the door behind me, this was the time to tell Neil what I saw.

"Where's Randy?"  I asked.

Neil looked up from his book and gave me a weird look.  I guess the movie-athon was cancelled tonight.  

"Randy is over at Casandra's.  They're haveing the movie-athon tonight." 

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, their technically hooking up anyway.  Her parent's aren't home, so they're being sneeky and such."  Neil smirked at his comment and continued reading.

"So why are you here Els?"  He continued ready.

I paused, hopefully it wouldn't sound stupid or phsycotic.

"Earlier today, when I passed out.  I had a glimpse of you dieing, and I too died."  I fumbled with my night dress.

Neil closed his book and placed it on his table.  He than gave me a worried look.  I knew it, he thought I was crazy.

"Well, that's good to know."  He chuckled.  I smiled but he saw a tear roll down my cheek.

"Come here Els."  He patted the empty side of his bed, showing that I should lay next to him.

I walked to his bed and layed next to him.  He then wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug.  I heard him sigh and then say it was okay.  He then kissed my forhead and held me closer.  We both laughed at his kindness, Neil was the strong willed guy.  He was a rock.

 But I guess he had a good side to himself and let it go.  We both layed there on his bed, him holding me.  Acting like a protective sheild.  Then he wrapped his leg around mine, it was an awkward position and I knew what he was doing.  He gave me a dirty grin.  I gave a loud laugh at him and pushed his leg off me.

"You pervert."  I snorted. 

He laughed too and we both knew he was joking.  I wonder why he couldn't get a girlfriend, Neil was a good guy.

"So anything knew on the love scene?"  He asked.

I stared at him, feeling embarrassed.  We both knew that I couldn't get a guy because of my lung condition.  But I didn't mind.  I wanted a boyfriend, but didn't need one. He than gave me another hug and whispered in my ear.  

"We both know we have problems within ourselves, but that doesn't stop us from loving another."  Neil than told me to go to bed.  But I retorted, I didn't want to sleep by myself.  What if I had another vision?

After an hour of argueing he gave up, allowing me to stay in his bed.  I turned off the lights and snuggled next to him.  Even though I was fourteen, didn't stop me from time to time napin's.

And we both fell asleep.

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Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?
Definetly, there are a bunch of 'my-names' out there.  If you check facebook and surf around, you'll be surprised.  But just knowing that, that's a name that was given to you shows that your not too unique.  Only that it's a name.  Yourself, is something else.  You are a unique person, the very being.  Because there is no one other than you, and only names can be repeated.

And hopefully that this entry will be corrected.  Har.


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 It seemed like it was just yesterday.  I was heading to the grocery store, accompanied by my list of edible goods.  I was driving my Jeep liberty when a mercedes zoomed by and out of sight.  It scared me, but I stayed calm and carried on driving.  I arrived at the market parking lot and found a spot close to the main entrance to the building.  I turned off the car and grabbed my purse.

 I made sure I had the list with me and locked the car.  As I entered the fairly large building, I looked at my watch.  I only had an hour before the kids finished school, it was 1:00 o'clock.  I grabbed a cart and headed towards the frozen aisle, I had to grab milk, eggs, ol' del paso, and fruity crunch for Elsbeth.  She ran out after finishing the last bit before the school bus had picked her, and the speedsters up.  I checked the list and made sure I had everything, after I picked everything up I went to the till and paid for my groceries.

 I left the store and checked my watch, it was 1:15.  I had time left.  As I was searching for the keys in my purse, I heard some loud arguing going on four cars away from me.  I saw that it was coming from a group of what looked like young collage students, making a fuss over some financial issues.  But I didn't take much consideration to the arguement and plopped all the groceries in the trunk and turned on the ignition.  I left the parking lot and turned the corner.

 I hadn't noticed that a car left soon after me, and was now following me.  I took a glimpse in the rear view mirror and noticed that it was hte mercedes from earlier.  The windows were tinted so I couldn't see who was driving.   But I carried on, ignoring the vehicle that was behind me.  I sped up a bit so that the vehicle would have some distance behind me, and by now there were two cars separating the two of us.  I looked behind and saw that the car hadn't changed positions, I guess I am just being paranoid.  

 I noticed that there was an intersection up ahead, so I slowed down a bit.  As I got a bit closer, I heard a screetching noi
se from behind.  The mercedes had maneuvered itself so that it was behind me and started revving it's engine.  I didn't like where this was going, and tried turning into the other lane.  But before I knew it there was a CRASH--  The mercedes had bumped itself into the rear bumper of my car and was pushing me towards the busy afternoon traffic ahead.  I kicked on the brake, but it did nothing.  

 The car behind me then braked, so that I was let go into the horrific four way death zone.  What happened next was a large semi collided into my Jeep, sending me way farther than expected.  I was crushed from the impact and was pushed into another vehicle.  What I knew afterwards, I didn't know.  Because I soon lost conciousness.  I slightly opened my eyes, I didn't see much but I heard screams of pain, the sound of sirens, the buzzing of people yelling over the noise.

 I looked around and saw that there was blood splattered over my car.  Then I lost conciousness again.  When I woke up again, this time I was in a white room.  I looked to my left and noticed a nurse was there, checking my heart monitor and measuring my blood rate.  I spoke to her but what I heard was nothing that I said.  The nurse looked at me then motioned for me not to speak.

"You are under a dose of anti-ceptic, what you try to say is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo Missy."   The nurse laughed then left the room.

I heard her speaking to someone outside the doorway, but I couldn't see who it was through the tiny gap she had between her and the door.  But then my curiousness was answered, a doctor walked into the room.  He looked like he was in his early thirty's, he had dark wavy hair.  His skin was a peach colour, and looked like he could be Italian.  He walked up to my bed and started speaking.

"Hello Mrs. Clesvic,  I am Dr. Brenard.  I'm glad to see that you have woken up."  He gave me a pearl white smile and grabbed the clipboard at the foot of my bed.

"It seems that you are recovering from a car accident that happened 15 hours ago, and that you do not have any fatal wounds.  Just some fractured ribs, a broken collar bone, and you have broken your left arm, and leg."  He closed the clipboard and looked back at me.

"Your going to be okay, just a couple of days inside the hospital and your off to go back home.  Also your husbands here to see you.  He has been waiting for quite sometime."  He smiled once again and placed the clipboard back.

"Would you like to see him?"  He asked.

I tried to nod, but with the brace I had on my neck.  It was hard to do.  Luckily the doctor knew what I intended on doing, and left the room.  The next person who entered the room was my husband.  His eyes were red, guess he was crying, and his clothes looked messed up and dirty.  My husband, Rustle, is a police officer.  Today was his first day off duty, he asked his commisioner if he could have a little 'vacation'.  He moved a chair from the corner so that he could sit next to me.  He sat down and held my hand to his cheek.

"Hey Lou Lou, happy to see your alive."  He gave me a weak smile and motioned his hand that held mine into a circle on his cheek.

I closed my eyes and a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Where are the kids."  I couldn't tell what I said from the medication, and I started slurring.  But I was happy to see that Rustle understood what I was saying.

"The kids are at my sisters house.  I didn't want to tell them the truth,so I said that you were caught up at work."  He kissed my hand. 

"As long as their safe, I am happy."  I sighed and opened my eyes.  I smiled at him and he chuckled.

"You are always the brightest one in the room."  He wiped the tear off my cheek.

I looked at the door and saw the reception desk.  The nurse that was monitoring me was doing paper work.  She looked my way and caught my gaze.  She then smiled and continued on writing.  I then looked back to my husband and smiled.

"How did you know I was here?"  I slurred once more.

Rustle gave me a panic look and looked at the clock.

"Tim told me that our car was at Lockmore and Fifth, in an accident.  I met the ambulance here and followed the paramedics in the ER.  They said you had to go into surgery because you had some damaged ribs and some broken bones."  There was a blank look on his face, like someone died right infront of him.  Then he continued.

"Then Ralph came up to me and asked some questions about the crash.  It seemed that the people who pushed you into that four way, just robbed the Farmer's Mart on Lidice.  They were not injured but are now in costudy for questioning.  The department wants yo
u to answer some questions for them after you recover."  Rustle was quiet after a while.

He then gave me a kiss, and said that I needed more sleep.  I agreed and then closed my eyes.  It took me six weeks to get the cast on my leg off.  I was back at home in four days after I was brought into the hospital.  I felt good after I left the place, but I still was sore as a punch bag.  I had a welcome party after I got back, and for the rest I was nurtured by my three kids and husband.  I couldn't go back to work at the agency, so that was boring.

 It seemed like months after I officially healed.  It was then the department called me, asking if I was ready for questioning.  I abligued and took a taxi to the building.  Since the car and groceries were totaled I had to wait for my insurance to kick in and get a new car.  I arrived at the office and Ralph was there along with Tim and Carl.  They were the guys who were questioning me, and after the Q and A they asked if I was ok.  It didn't take long and all they asked was, was I there when they robbed or after?  What happened before the crash, and if I was a countable for the accident.  After that I took a ride home and found that the house was empty.  

"Rustle?"  I didn't hear a peep, so I looked around.

"Elsbeth?  Rodney?  Neil?"  Nothing. 

So I checked all the bedrooms, the garage, then the basement.  What was going on?  I went upstairs to see if Rustle was in the attic looking for old porn.  But he wasn't there.  I looked in the shed, nadda.  I then called Sophia, she said that the kids were here but hadn't seen a sign of Rustle anywhere.

 Now that scared me.  I called his mobile but got nothing.  Where would that rascal be?  I decided to wait at Sophia's.  I got to her place, noticing that Rustles car was there.  I entered the house and saw that Sophia was on the couch with a box of tissues and a face filled with tears.  I saw Rustle sitting next to her patting her back.  

"What just happened?"  I questioned.  Looking at the two.

Rustle looked at me and then at Sophia.

"Pa had a stroke.  He didn't make it."  Oh dear.

"How's Melanie doing?"  I sat on the other side of Sophia and she leaned on me.  I held her and started cradling her back and forth.

"Ma's doing fine, she's in the kitchen.  With Norm."  Sophia took deep breaths then wiped some tears away.

"I'm going to check on the kids."  Sophia stood up and went down the hallway. 

Oh my, first the accident then Phil.  What next? 
I Looked at  Rustle and hugged him.  He grasped me and didn't let go.  It seemed like a century before we went home.  But everything was all right and we tucked the kids in and went to our room.  There he sat down on his desk and had his hands over his head.  He was tired and we both knew it.  

"Rustle, why don't you get ready for bed?  We have a big day tomorrow, and need the energy."  I hugged him and he sighed.  I hit the right spot.

"Okay.  Hopping to bed I go."  He got up and unchanged.  Than got into bed.  

I did the same and layed under the covers.  We both looked at eachother.  I then kissed him and turned off the lights.  We both fell asleep, exhausted and miserable.

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